Bridge Architect

Bridge Architect Beta 1.0.8

Excellent bridge building game for Android


  • Challenging
  • Technically enjoyable


  • Nothing very different
  • Not as good looking as similar games


Bridge Architect is an excellent free brain teaser for Android that requires you to make technically viable bridges that allow vehicles to cross.

Requiring you to use brain power, logic and strategy, much like World of Goo and Where's My Water, Bridge Architect is a challenge.

You are given a blueprint of a basic bridge structure and are required to figure out how the bridge must be completed to allow vehicles to drive over it. When you think you have it figured out, hit the play button and watch to see how it all plays out!

In our tests, our bridges weren't always successful, and we had to bear the sound of innocent truck drivers falling to their doom more than once. Those of a more analytical bent can watch the Bridge Architect simulation and note the points of most stress so you can go back and improve your design. Once you succeed in building a viable bridge, Bridge Architect lets you move on to the next level.

Bridge Architect offers you various materials with which to build your bridges, although not all materials are available in every situation. There is also a selection of on-screen tips to guide you on your way. There's no music in Bridge Architect, but there are sound effects. Let's just hope you don't end up with as much tortured screaming as we did. For that, though, you'll need to be more talented builders than us!

If you're a fan of building strategy games, Bridge Architect is fun and challenging, although not as attractive as similar options.

Two new levels In-game building tips Bug fixes


  • Two new levels In-game building tips Bug fixes
Bridge Architect


Bridge Architect Beta 1.0.8

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